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Why Do Some Dogs Like to Watch TV?

Although some dogs rarely pay attention to the television, others can’t take their eyes away. Whether your dog is at home or enjoying a stay at a dog kennel, television can be an enjoyable pastime for them.  A dog’s personality and the quality of their sight plays a significant role in how they respond to television.  Here’s what you should know.

Vision & Television


Dogs’ eyes register images more quickly than ours do. To a dog, television scenes may appear to flicker. Some dogs don’t like watching flickering screens because they’re too distracting. Other dogs may be stimulated by TV content, images, and sounds. 


Dogs have dichromatic vision. They see two of the three primary colors humans see—yellow and blue. Television channels like DogTV on HGTV have programs designed specifically for doggy vision, with frame speeds and colors adjusted to appeal to pups. Owners can choose programs that promote relaxation, activity-based stimulation, or environmental entertainment.


Personality & Television

Personality and breed play a role in whether a dog likes TV, what their viewing interests are, and how they react to visual stimuli. Just as some people prefer to spend time watching scientific programming on TV and pursuing mechanical hobbies, a dog may enjoy watching channels that show dogs running on the beach. Others may be disinterested,  either because they’ve become desensitized over time or can’t fully connect with images without engaging their sense of smell.


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