Inclement Weather
Boarding Waiver

Your pet/pets are important to us. We must do everything in our power to ensure their safety and make their stay as comfortable as possible.
Times of inclement weather (storms, hurricanes, etc.) are stressful to not only your pet, but also to the staff. Sometimes, the weather may not allow us to take your pets out as often as they are used to, or possibly not at all.
In the event that the weather is bad enough to prevent our staff from coming to work, your pet may go hours without receiving proper care. This means they could possibly not be walked, fed, watered, or medicated as normally scheduled. The lack of proper care could lead to dehydration, illness, or even death.
By signing this waiver, I agree that I, the pet owner, am aware that Animal Medical Center is recommending that I pick up my pet due to possible impending inclement weather. I am choosing to leave my pet/pets in boarding, knowing the possible risks involved with the approach of inclement weather. I acknowledge that I will be charged $75.00 a day while my pet is boarded during times of inclement weather. I am releasing Animal Medical Center of any and all liability, in the event that my pet/pets become ill, harmed, or deceased due to inclement weather.
Please provide two additional names and numbers of emergency contacts who will be available for pick-up at these times: