Doggie Daycare

The spacious indoor areas the Bed and Biscuit offer provide enough room for 2-3 dogs to stay together so they don’t get lonely. They are divided by concrete walls so all pets have their privacy, but runs have a gated fence door so they can see their furry friends and suites have doors with windows so they can see their human friends during their stay.  Each pet is provided a bed, but you are welcome to bring their own.

We have 17 separate exercise yards for playtime. Each pet goes outside 3-4 times daily for plenty of exercise and play. The shaded outdoor yards are separated by chain link fencing so they can socialize, but still be in their own protected area.

Doggie Daycare has become very popular for visitors that have day plans, whether it be shopping or the beach. Outdoor playtime is of course included in daycare cost.