Cat Boarding in Gulf Shores, AL

Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit offers luxury cat boarding in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

If you’re looking for a cat boarding facility in southern Baldwin County—maybe while vacationing in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama—you can count on Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit to provide attentive care for your favorite feline!  We offer professional, safe, and friendly services for cats in need of a temporary home away from home.  With animal-loving carers tending to you cat’s every need and an on-site veterinary practice, we’re the perfect choice for your furry companion’s boarding needs.  

We understand that trusting someone with your precious pet is a big deal.  Rest assured that our responsible staff is committed to providing excellent care to the animals in our luxury boarding facility.  We’ll provide your cat with a comfortable, secure place to relax during your absence.  Enjoy your time in Gulf Shores, content in the knowledge that your furry companion is receiving the attention they deserve!

Feline Facility for Cats in Gulf Shores, Alabama

At Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit, we understand that your cat means the world to you.  We recognize the importance of finding reliable care for your cherished pet.  That’s why we offer safe and comfortable accommodation options specifically designed to ensure your cat has the best possible stay at our luxury boarding facility.  We make it our top priority to create a peaceful environment that promotes relaxation and happiness for our feline guests.  Every pet under our care receives individual attention and tender loving care to keep them happy during your time away.  

Feline boarding in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Luxurious Cat Condos in the Gulf Shores Area

Need a safe and comfortable place for your cat to stay while you enjoy activities that may not be suitable for them?  Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, but not all vacation adventures are appropriate for our pets.  Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit has the perfect solution!  Our cat condos are the ideal boarding option for your feline friend.  

A cat condo offers a snug, cozy, and affordable cat boarding solution, providing a pleasant retreat for your kitty to relax in while you’re off doing other things.  Our cat condos are customizable, too, so we can cater to your cat’s unique needs.  Keep reading to learn more!

Single-Level Cat Condo

The one-level cat condo gives plenty of room for your cat to make itself at home.  There’s ample space for stretching, as well as separate areas for the amenities, including food, drink, and litter box.

Multi-Level Cat Condo

If you prefer, we also offer multi-level cat condo options for more active kitties who appreciate extra space.  The multi-level cat condos also provide separate spaces for food, water, and litter box.  

Cat condos in Gulf Shores, AL - Cat Boarding.
Cat Boarding in Gulf Shores, AL.

Whichever option you choose, a cat condo provides your cat with the perfect place to snuggle up, safe and sound.  Does your cat have a few special belongings from home they’d like to bring along, to make their stay with us more comfortable?  We provide a storage area for each kitty who visits us, so they can enjoy those essential items while you’re away.   

Our Feline Facility is designed with cats’ comfort and safety in mind.  It’s located in a separate area from the dog kennel boarding portion of our luxury boarding facility.  Our visiting kitties can snooze in peace, away from the noise and smells from our canine guests.  We’re committed to providing an environment where your cat can feel as relaxed and protected as possible.  

Feeding and Medication During Your Cat's Stay

When it comes to feeding time, we offer Science Diet Adult to our feline visitors, unless owners make other arrangements and provisions.  If your cat has a specific nutritional requirement, we’re happy to accommodate their needs.  Simply provide their food and instructions for their feeding at check-in.  If your cat’s feeding regimen requires use of a refrigerator or microwave, our kitchen has both.  

What about medication?  For a small daily fee, we can administer your cat’s medications during their stay.  Just bring the medicine along with dosage instructions; we’ll make sure they get their medication on schedule, as usual.

Enjoy the Security of an On-Site Veterinary Practice!

Sometimes it can be worrying to leave your beloved pet alone with someone you don’t know—especially if it’s your cat’s first time boarding.  It helps relieve some of your fears when you’re confident that you’ve selected a reputable boarding facility with reliable and caring staff.  

Cat-boarding facility with on-site veterinarians in Gulf Shores, AL.
The caring vets of Animal Medical Center are available on-site!

At Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit, we specialize in creating a safe and compassionate environment for your furry friend—a place where you can be certain they are treated with affection during your absence.  What’s more, we have our own veterinary practice located right here, just steps away, which means that should your cat require medical attention for any reason during their stay with us, our associates at Animal Medical Center will be available to help without delay.  Our clients are reassured by the knowledge that we have on-site veterinary health care professionals, ready to handle any situation that may arise.  Your companion will be in good, experienced hands.

The caring staff at Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit is dedicated to ensuring that your cat will be content and relaxed during its stay with us.  We have a well-managed, hygienic, and safe facility, and our team provides convenient and trust-worthy care for cats whose families reside or vacation in Gulf Shores and surrounding areas of Baldwin County, AL.  

We’re easy to find, too:  Our establishment is situated across from Old Time Pottery on Hwy 59 South.  

Our team is happy to answer any queries you may have—just click below to contact us by phone or online!