Cat Boarding in Foley, AL

Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit is a luxury cat boarding facility in Foley, Alabama!

Are you headed to South Baldwin County for business?  Maybe you’re planning a vacation on the stunning beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast?  Whatever the reason you require pet boarding in the Foley area, you can rely on Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit to provide top-notch care to your feline friend. We are a reliable and convenient pet boarding facility with an on-site veterinary practice to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being.  Trust our caring staff for attentive and responsible care that will set your cat at ease for the duration of your time away.

Feline Facility for Cats in South Baldwin County, AL

We recognize that your cat is a beloved member of your family, and their well-being is your top priority.  As fellow animal enthusiasts, we understand your concern and appreciate the importance of securing trustworthy care for your furry friend.  Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit offers comfortable, safe accommodation options designed to provide your precious kitty with the most enjoyable stay possible.  

Rest assured that we do everything in our power to create a calming environment for our feline guests’ relaxation and happiness.  We provide tender loving care to all pets under our charge, ensuring that each one receives the individual attention they need to flourish during your absence!

Luxurious Cat Condos in Foley, AL

If you need comfortable, secure accommodation for your cat—for instance, while you’re enjoying an activity that wouldn’t be appropriate for your cat—Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit offers an answer:  Why not book a stay in a cat condo?  

Our cat condos are the ideal boarding option for your feline friend.  Not only are they a comfortable cat boarding solution, but they’re also reasonably priced to keep your costs to an affordable level.  Cat condos are snug spaces that provide a cozy retreat for your kitty to relax in while you’re away—and there are flexible options to customize your cat’s experience: 

Single-Level Cat Condo

A single-level condo is spacious enough for your cat to stretch out and includes designated areas for eating, drinking and using the litter box. 

Multi-Level Cat Condo

If your cat prefers more space to move around, multi-level condos are available, too!  

Whatever you select, our cat condos offer a homely environment where your cat can cuddle up and enjoy some lazy catnaps during your absence.  We can also provide each kitty with a storage area for their belongings, because it’s always nice to have some familiar touches from home to make a new place more comfy!

Our Feline Facility prioritizes the comfort of your cat during their stay with us.  For this reason, we have located our cat condos in a separate area from our dog kennel boarding, safely removed from the antics of our canine boarders.  This allows us to create a welcoming and cozy environment that helps our feline guests feel at ease.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and relaxing space for your cat!

Customize Your Cat's Feeding!

At our Feline Facility, we provide Science Diet Adult to our beloved furry guests unless instructed otherwise by their owners.  We understand that each cat has unique dietary needs, and we’re always happy to accommodate any special instructions to make certain that your pet receives the healthy nourishment they need during their stay.  

If you wish your kitty to have their preferred food or dietary regimen during their stay with us, please bring the food along with clear instructions at check-in.  Our kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave oven for use in preparing meals that require heating or refrigeration.  

If your cat is on any medication, our trained professionals can administer those medications to your pet for a small daily fee.  

Fully Staffed Veterinary Practice On-Site!

It can be nerve-wracking to leave your dear pet with someone else, especially if it’s their first experience boarding.  However, it can ease your stress when you know you’ve selected a boarding center staffed with trustworthy and compassionate people.  At Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit, we’re experts at creating a safe and affectionate environment for your furry friend.  As an added benefit, we have a veterinary practice located on the premises.  That means that if your cat needs any medical attention during their stay with us, our associates at Animal Medical Center will be accessible without any delay.  Having professional veterinary care on-site puts our clients’ minds at ease and makes it easier for them to relax, knowing their companion is in good hands.  

The caring vets of Animal Medical Center are available on-site!

At Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit, we prioritize your cat’s happiness and comfort while you’re away.  Our facility is expertly run, clean, and secure, making it a convenient choice for cat owners living, visiting, or vacationing near the Alabama beaches.  If you’re seeking pet care solutions in the South Baldwin area, you can find us easily on Hwy 59 South, across from Old Time Pottery.  

We welcome any questions and look forward to meeting you and your feline companion!