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3 Items to Pack When You Board Your Pet

Getting ready for a vacation might entail a lot of prep work, but getting your pet ready for a stay at the Bed & Biscuit should become an easy experience the more they go. Keeping a list of what to pack for them ensures every visit is nearly seamless and can help remove some of their stress during the transition. The following are a few items to bring along for your furry friends when they stay away from home to give them the best possible time while there.

What to Bring When Boarding Your Dog

1. Food From Home

Pets can experience stomach issues if their regular food and diet are changed. Bringing kibble or other options from home that they usually eat ensures they don’t suffer from digestion problems while in a new environment. It is important to leave written or verbal instructions about how much food your fur baby eats at each meal, as well as any other dietary restrictions or specifications.


2. Contact Information & Identification

Leaving behind important information like your veterinarian’s contact number and your pet’s identification tags can ensure their safety while away from home. Heilmeier’s Bed and Biscuit must have access to emergency contacts and other vital details so they can contact the correct party if necessary. Remember to update your pets’ microchip information and collar tags to be safe while you’re gone, too.

3. Toys & Familiar Objects From Home

New situations can easily stress dogs and cats, and pet boarding can feel overwhelming for them initially. Bringing along their favorite toys and a t-shirt or blanket that smells like home gives them comfort so that they can adjust to their temporary environment easier. The scent of you and their house can calm them if they begin to feel uncomfortable, which will make their stay better for everyone.

If you need to board your pet, the friendly and trustworthy staff at Animal Medical Center i
n Foley, AL, are available to provide quality care services at their Bed and Biscuit facility. Whether you’re visiting the area beaches and need a place to keep your furry friends for a day or two or you’re a local who wants to board while on vacation, this center offers everything from overnight stays to Doggy Day Care. The licensed veterinarians and technicians provide everything from blood tests to X-rays, so you can rest assured your pet is in the best hands.  Questions about the services we provide?  Please call (251) 955-5900 to speak with a team member.