Dog Boarding in Foley, AL

Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit offers luxury dog boarding in Foley, Alabama!

Whether you’re in town for business, vacationing at the beautiful beaches along the Alabama Gulf Coast, or need pet boarding for some other reason, you can count on Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit to take excellent care of your canine companion.  We’re South Baldwin County’s convenient and trusted dog boarding facility, with a veterinary practice available on-site for your peace of mind!

Doggie Daycare and Boarding in Foley, Alabama

You cherish your dog and prioritize their well-being.  We understand!  As animal lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to find the best, most reliable care possible for your pup.  At Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit, your precious pooch can enjoy a fun stay in one of our indoor runs—or upgrade to a luxury boarding suite specially designed to keep them relaxed and happy during your absence!

We provide attentive, hands-on care for the dogs boarding with us, whether they’re visiting just for the day or for a longer stay!

We Take an Affectionate Approach to Your Pet!

Rest assured that our canine boarders receive all the cuddles and love they need to help them feel at home and well cared-for.  Affection, individual attention, and a friendly voice go a long way toward making boarding a more positive experience for dogs.

While your dog is in our care, we will of course keep them properly fed and watered.  We provide Science Diet Adult, but if your dog has specific dietary needs, we can help you with that, too!  Simply bring the food you wish your dog to eat, and we’ll follow your instructions to the letter.  If your dog requires medication during their stay with us, we can administer it for a small daily fee.

Perhaps your dog needs or would like a bath during their stay?  We are happy to oblige!  We offer both soothing baths and medical baths, depending on your dog’s requirements.  Our experienced kennel attendants will bathe your dog with tender care, following up with a blow-dry and brush-out.  Your dog will look and smell great—and even better, each bath comes with a nail trimming and ear cleaning!

We Provide Dogs with a Healthy Mix of Playtime and Downtime!

We’ve arranged our facility to offer opportunities for dogs to meet their daily needs for both exercise and relaxation.  Dogs visiting us for Doggie Daycare can play outdoors 3 to 4 times a day, using one of our 17 separate exercise yards.  These play areas are completely secure, separated by chain link fencing that keeps pets perfectly safe in their own area without denying them the chance to socialize with other dogs in neighboring yards.  

For their time inside the facility, we offer spacious 4′ by 7′ indoor runs with gated fence doors.  Your dog can see out through this gate and safely socialize with other dogs in their own indoor runs.  We provide each dog with a bed, blankets, and toys (according to your wishes), or of course you can bring your dog’s own favorite toy or bed with that comforting, familiar smell of home.  

We Have A Fully Staffed Veterinary Practice On-Site!

Leaving your beloved dog in someone else’s care can be stressful—especially if it’s for the first time— but it helps to know that you’ve chosen a trustworthy, professional boarding facility staffed by caring people who know exactly how to provide a safe and loving environment for your pet.  Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit also has the added benefit of an on-site veterinary practice!  Should your dog require any type of medical care, our partners at Animal Medical Center will be available to tend to their needs without delay.  

Luxury Dog Boarding in South Baldwin County, AL

We’re proud to offer luxury boarding suites as part of our facility in Foley, Alabama!  Each of our luxury dog suites has a unique theme.  These cheerful, fun rooms feature murals painted by a local artist.  Choose among bright vacation themes (such as OWA, mountain cabin, beach, and camping), or select a college football-themed suite (for fluffy fans of the Crimson Tide and the War Eagles).  Each spacious room measures 5′ by 7′, with plenty of stretching room, a custom-made bed, and a TV for your dog’s entertainment.  

The caring staff of Heilmeier’s Bed & Biscuit would love to help make your dog happy and comfortable during your absence!  Our clean, safe, and professionally-run facility is conveniently located just a short drive from the Alabama beaches.  We’re on Hwy 59 South, just across the road from Old Time Pottery.  Please give us a call with any questions or to arrange care for your precious pet!  We look forward to meeting you and your dog!